1. Eruption ふんか Power Points: Base Power: Accuracy: 5: Battle Effect: The user attacks opposing Pokémon with explosive fury. The lower the user's HP, the lower the move's power. In-Depth Effect: Power wise, this attack has a Base Power of but that completely changes all depending on the HP. This is calculated in the manner below.
  2. eruption: [ e-rup´shun ] 1. the act of breaking out, appearing, or becoming visible, as eruption of the teeth. 2. visible efflorescent lesions of the skin due to disease, with redness, prominence, or both; a rash. adj., adj erup´tive. creeping eruption 1. a peculiar eruption that appears to migrate, due to burrowing beneath the skin by certain.
  3. 24 synonyms of eruption from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 21 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for eruption. Eruption: a sudden intense expression of strong feeling.
  4. An outbreak of something unpleasant is a sudden occurrence of it. This is the worst ever outbreak of the disease.
  5. Profile: Disco group formed in , U.K. as Silent Eruption. After Lindell Leslie, their original singer, left the group, Precious Wilson moved from backing to lead vocals. Frank Farian signed the .
  6. Aug 02,  · These 2 Factors Are Behind Bitcoin’s 20% Eruption Higher: Industry Executive. by Nick Chong. 1 hour ago. in Technical, Bitcoin. 2 min read Sponsored. As made abundantly clear by derivatives data, there were many market participants caught off guard by Bitcoin’s ongoing rally. In fact, in the past week alone, reports indicate that there was.
  7. Dec 08,  · At least five people were killed and eight more are still missing following a deadly volcanic eruption on New Zealand's White Island Monday.
  8. An eruption is an explosion of steam and lava from a volcano. This word is also used for other explosions, such as "an eruption of emotions." If there's an eruption of a volcano, you don't want to be anywhere near it. When a volcano erupts, it spews a huge amount of lava, ash, and steam into the air.
  9. Volcano, vent in the crust of the Earth or another planet or satellite, from which issue eruptions of molten rock, hot rock fragments, and hot gases. A volcanic eruption is an awesome display of the Earth’s power. Yet while eruptions are spectacular to watch, they can cause disastrous loss of life and property, especially in densely populated regions of the world.

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