Return Of Viracocha - Tekhton - Alluvial (CD, Album)


  1. CD 2: 1. Vehicle - Roadsaw (The Ides Of March) aunque es imposible no pensar en las huestes de Kelly y VonTill escuchando las finales The Return Of Viracocha y 90ºS, Eso es Tekhton, y Alluvial no es más que la segunda era geológica de una historia que se antoja larga y llena de grandes acontecimientos por venir. Nota: 9/
  2. When in Rome, you do as the Romans. When in Cali, you get your ass to Amoeba alivkofniwarazancoudafupache.coinfo Amoeba haul is a special thing. It had been five years — half a decade! — since the last time I set foot in Amoeba‘s San Francisco store, right on Haight Street, more or less the birthplace of American counterculture, or at very least where it moved to from the Midwest because it was okay to be weird .
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  4. Jan 31,  · That just didn't happen enough. Instead they just ramble on without a real plan and the songs tend to stop rather than come to any fitting end. I admire their desire to bring numerous sounds and tones to the table, but their sense of order or lack of order just failed to make me care about this album.
  5. It’s been six years and I still recall enjoying Tekhton‘s first album, Summon the Core (review here), so to find a copy of the follow-up to that debut was cool enough to drive me toward the purchase, and Wovenhand are Wovenhand, which is all the justification that one needs.
  6. Alluvial by Tekhton, released 01 January 1. Clove hitch 2. Tooth and nail 3. Feed the crows 4. All is glory 5. Track Name: The return of Viracocha go to album. Devouring Ruin by WAKE. The Alberta crushers hold tight to their rank, astral-gazing grindcore, staring .
  7. TEKHTON (Alluvial) CD. There are several reasons why I like this band. Some groups are desperately trying to create an individual sound, but TEKHTON don't need to try that THE MOVEMENTS (For Sardines Behind the somewhat strange album titel lies an interesting story which inspired the Swedish band THE MOVEMENTS to record their second.
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