1. Pinty Rifle Scope X50 Illuminated Optics Sight Green Laser, Reflex Holographic Dot Sight, Riser Mount 14 Slots 1 inch High Riser Mount by Pinty $ $
  2. the range of a subject covered by a book, programme, discussion, class, etc.: I'm afraid that problem is beyond/ outside the scope of my lecture. Oil painting does not come within the scope of a course of this kind. We would now like to broaden / widen the scope .
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  5. “Scope provides a fresh batch of insight and inspiration with every new issue. So much more than a magazine, Scope provides leveled resources that make it easy to differentiate instruction while using the same reading material.”.
  6. A scope is also a device used to see something in the distance. You'll find one on shotguns, submarines, radars and the like. You can use scope as a verb meaning "to look out or around." When you and your friends go out, you probably scope out a .
  7. Increase your accuracy and consistency at long range with rifle scopes specifically designed for your caliber and target requirements. A variety of apertures, magnification levels, and reticle patterns are available to accommodate different styles, from meter practice, to yard benchrest shooting, and everything in between.
  8. Each scope that you consider for hunting purposes will come with a specific lens diameter, the width of which indicates how much light is able to pass through the lens. This number will also allow you to identify how well the scope will sit on your rifle. These hunting scopes include lens diameters that range from 32 millimeters to 50 millimeters.

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