Kingdom of the Cruelty - Funeral (9), Anal Vomit, Carnarium - Sudamerica Brutal Vol. 1 (CD)


  1. Anal Vomit - Demoniac Flagellations Anal Vomit - Depravation Anal Vomit - From Peruvian Hell Anal Vomit & Arnarium & Funeral - 3 Way Split Sudamérica Brutal Vol. 1 Anal Vomit & Carnarium & Funeral - Sudamerica Brutal Anal Vomit & Goat Semen - Split Devotos Del Diablo Anal Vomit & Goat Semen – Split Anal Whore - Pornorama.
  2. ANAL VOMIT Banda de desquiciado Death Metal sudamericano, formado el año , ahora considerado una leyenda viviente, para muchos la mezc.
  3. - ADVERSVM "Dysangelion" CD - ANAL VOMIT "Sudamerica Brutal" CD - ANTIPOPE "Apostle of Infinite Joy" CD - AZAGHAL "Of Beasts and Vultures" CD Re-issue - BEHEMOTH "I Loved You at Your Darkest" CD - BLASPHEMY "Live Ritual- Friday The 13Th" CD - DRACONIAN "Sovran" CD - EQUIMANTHORN "Entrance To The Ancient Flame" CD - EVOL "The Tale of the Dark.
  4. ANAL VOMIT (Peru) - “Sudamerica brutal” (Death/Black) Demo’98 ANGANTYR (Den) – Sejr "Angantyr strikes back with the much delayed second full-length album! This tape carries the old torch of Norwegian Black Metal with a great result. 8 tracks and over 50 minutes of Black Metal done in a way that nails you to the music, comes with all lyrics!
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  6. *FORTID “The Arrival of Fenris” CD / No Colours Recs. *FOSCOR “Groans to the Guilty” CD / Temple of Darkness Recs. *GRIMBANE “Let the Empires Fall” CD / Moribund Recs. *HORDE OF HEL “Blodskam” CD / Moribund Recs. *HRIZG “Anthems to Decreptude” CD / Moribund Recs. *KHOLD “Hundre ar gammal” CD / Candlelight Recs.
  7. Written by Jenny Goldade. We’ve explored unique funeral traditions of different cultures around the world, but what about animal funeral rituals? Scientists have observed that animals seem to mourn after the loss of a loved one like humans do. They’ve been seen performing funeral-like rituals, like burying the deceased and gathering around to pay their respects.
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